Tech Used: Nodejs

Nodemailer Helper For Sending Emails With Ejs Templating.


Tech Used: Laravel,Vuejs,Nginx

Browse, discover, and customize products that show off the real you. Shop products that can be customized to suit your every need and taste

Kiitec Vendor APP

Tech Used: Laravel, Vuejs

Manage your online store through the Kiitec.com vendor app. Add products, edit products, create and add customization profiles, and track the success of your store.


Tech Used: Nodejs (API Patch), Devops(nginx, jenkins)

Livevend is a construction and real estate price discovery platform that provides realtime prices from all markets across nigeria.


Tech Used: Adonisjs(nodejs), Mysql

Pays4life offers VTU and Bill payment services along with affiliate programs.

MLM Solution

Tech Used: HTML/CSS, PHP(Laravel)

An Opensource Muliti Level marketing Starter